Our BMX life…


As parents of children who grew up riding and racing, FPBMX operators Richard & Andrea Huvard, together with their partner Frank Marino, have over 30 combined years of experience in youth and professional BMX racing—from volunteering at local tracks to managing the USA BMX Factory #1 BMX team. Our journey began just like most of yours, at the local BMX track where we took our children to participate in what we soon came to believe (and still do to this day) is the world’s greatest youth sport, BMX racing! From the first day our kids rolled uneasily around the local racetrack, they were hooked and so were we. The year was 1993.


Since then Richard and Andrea Huvard have been involved in almost every aspect of BMX racing – locally, regionally and nationally. In 1993, Richard was a founding partner of a full service, retail bicycle shop in Camarillo, CA  – Camarillo Bike Company – and with it came our first foray into managing a local BMX race team. CBC (Camarillo Bike Company) Racing was at first little more than a ragtag group of kids at the local track in Simi Valley, but the kids got better and the team evolved into a nationally competitive ABA BMX (That was the sanction before USA BMX!) Bike Shop Team that, with co-factory support from then local bike manufacturer, Diamondback, finished 3rd nationally. Within a season, CBC /Diamondback had graduated again, becoming Factory Diamondback contending for the team title. By this time, all three Huvard kids-Judson, Hannah and Abbie-were serious BMX racers.

Still, the local track was where we spent our evenings and weekends and the Huvards became good friends with another seasoned BMX dad, Frank Marino. Frank had lived the BMX life with his older children only to be doing it all over again with his youngest, Anthony, aka Antman. Standing along the fence watching their kids ride, Richard and Frank loved to talk BMX. One conversation led to another and sooner than later the two were planning for something a little closer to home – a BMX racetrack in West Ventura County!



Over the years, Richard had partnered with Mike Redman of Redman Bikes and together their Redman/Yamaha WaveRunner Factory team went on to win numerous national factory team titles and a UCI World Team Title. Richard had also begun to work closely with the national sanction, brokering a number of national series sponsorship deals while his Ventura based branding and design agency would go on to work closely with USA BMX. The experience in sports marketing would prove beneficial in selling the idea of a BMX track in Camarillo to the local Parks and Recreation District – Richard’s toughest customer yet. But Pleasant Valley Parks and Recreation did eventually warm to the idea and after a few false starts and a lot of  help from the community and many local businesses, Freedom Park BMX Raceway officially began operations in December of 2007.

That was 5 years ago and BMX in Camarillo continues to grow, as did the Huvard family who were blessed with another BMXer, Levi, who can now be found racing regularly at FP BMX  following in the wheels of his older brother and sisters. Anthony Marino is all grown up now too and races mountain bikes professionally, but still Frank lends his expertise and back breaking effort to help build what we hope will become a unique model for BMX tracks in the country – including the recent opening of our 100% BMX dedicated trackside shop, Gold Coast Bicycles. 


Funny how life and BMX have kept us together over all of these years. But once you experience the joy of watching your child ride and see the smiles on their faces, you’ll also understand why kids – small and big – come out night after night to ride and race BMX.

Welcome to your community BMX race track. It could be the ride of your life. It has been for ours.

Richard, Frank and Andrea


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