Southern California’s BMX Race Trackside Shop!


Your BMX treasure trove!

GCB offers a complete line of BMX frames, complete bikes, parts and accessories, as well as gear to get you or your racer suited up from head to toe.  

We have frames and bikes in stock from top BMX manufacturers such as Free Agent Bikes, Chase Bicycles, DK Bikes, Redman Bikes, and more.   Parts from the best like BOX, LDC and Shimano. Gear from Faith, O’Neal, Fly, POC, Vittoria and Troy Lee Designs.  

Why buy online or order from a shop that doesn’t know BMX or specialize in the right equipment? Our shop professionals and mechanics have more than 20 years experience in the bicycle and BMX bicycle business.  You won’t find a more knowledgeable staff to help you build the bike of your dreams… that you can let your kid ride!  

Everything BMX for beginners to pros at the only 100% dedicated BMX trackside shop in SoCal. 



Open on practice/race days.  Custom builds and private appointments are available.