Double Points

MAY 1, 2021


Freedom Park BMX Raceway


Due to COVID-19, we are running our state race a little differently this year to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, riders, and spectators. Please read the following rules & regulations carefully.

Online Sign-Ups ONLY 

Sign-ups will be fully online. Only riders that sign-up and pay through our website sign-up form (link above) will be registered to race.  

Sign-ups are open now & close 5pm on Wednesday, April 28th

Cost: $35 per rider/class 

Awards: 1st - 4th place per main event 

Motos & Corrections 

Motos will be posted on our website Thursday, April 29 by 5pm

Call-in for corrections (phone number for corrections will be posted with motos online) until Friday, April 30 at 2pm 

Final motos posted online Friday, April 30 by 5pm 

Block Schedule Racing 

Races will run on a block schedule 

1 block = 1st round, 2nd round, semis, and main events 

You may enter the track during your assigned block, but must leave after the main events. If you are in two different blocks, you must leave and come back.  


  • Block 1: Striders & Novices 
    Practice: 8:00-8:45am
    Races: 9am 

  • Block 2: Cruisers & Intermediates 
    Practice: 10:30-11:15am
    Races: 11:30am 

  • Block 3: Girl & Boy Experts 
    Practice: 1-1:45pm 
    Races: 2pm 

ONE Spectator per Racer

ONE spectator will be allowed in the track gates per racer. This includes siblings and other family members that are not racing. Please consider one spectator per household if possible.  

Only riders 5 & under will be allowed to have a spectator / parent with them in staging and behind the gate. 


Each racer and their one spectator will receive a colored wrist band for their block at the track gates during check-in. 


NO TEAM TENTS -- we will not be able to close the street in front of the track this year. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot have team tents / pit areas set up this year around the track.   

Masks & Social Distancing 

All spectators within the track gates must wear a mask or face covering that completely covers their face & nose at all times. 

Racers must wear a mask or face covering when not racing or actively riding on the track. 

Spectators are required to spread out to watch.


Once main events are complete for a block, all spectators and racers must clear the track and leave the track gates so the next block of racers may enter. 

Racers or spectators that do not comply with these requirements will forfeit their race and will not be refunded their entry fee(s). 

Food & Water 

We will have water, gatorade, and some pre-packaged snacks for sale.