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Welcome to our SPRING 2022 Beginner League! This is a 5-week curriculum based course to learn all about the Olympic Sport of BMX racing. Beginner League is for riders that are still relatively new to the sport or fist-timers. Never been on a BMX track before? No problem! 


  • Riders must be able to ride a bike without assistance (no training wheels, push bikes, or e-bikes allowed).


  • All league participants MUST have a USABMX membership before the start of the league. Memberships are not included in league cost. Memberships can be purchased online here: USABMX MEMBERSHIP 


  • A bike in good working condition (NO pegs or kickstands, please remove before coming to the track)

  • An approved bicycle helmet

  • Closed toed shoes

  • Appropriate riding apparel (long pants and long sleeve shirt -- all league participants will receive an athletic style long sleeve league shirt)  

Advanced registration required -- Space is limited, so sign-up now! 

Once you register, we will send an invoice to pay the league fee ($130 per rider). Please register each rider individually. 


Dates & Time: Every Saturday from April 23 - May 21, 2022 from 4-5pm 

Curriculum Schedule by week: 

  • Week 1: April 23, 2022 

    • Main Topics: Bike check, standing while pedaling, weaving/bike control, introduction to the track 

    • Lesson Theme: Respect and Responsibility

  • Week 2: April 30, 2022 

    • Main Topics: Using the gate (one-footed start) & riding with and next to other people 

    • Lesson Theme: Overcoming Adversity 

  • Week 3: May 7, 2022 

    • Main Topics: Balancing on the gate, introduction to racing & reading moto sheets, MOCK RACE #1 

    • Lesson Theme: Commitment 

  • Week 4: May 14, 2022 

    • Main Topics: Pumping & cornering techniques, MOCK RACE #2  

    • Lesson Theme: Leadership 

  • Week 5: May 21, 2022 

    • Main Topics: Full gates, putting it all together in a full lap (balancing, cornering, pumping, riding with other people), MOCK RACE #3, & GRADUATION CEREMONY! 

    • Lesson Theme: Confidence & Courage  

Cost: $130 per rider 


  • 5 curriculum based lessons 

  • 3 open-track practices 

  • 2 USABMX races 

  • 1 league riding shirt


Questions? Email 


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