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About Us

Whether you want to race or simply want to ride, Freedom Park BMX Raceway provides great BMX riding and competitive racing opportunities for participants of all ages and abilities. Sanctioned by USA BMX–the largest BMX sanctioning body in the world–FP BMX is your BMX track in West Ventura County, dedicated to creating a healthy, positive cycling environment.

Requirements & Equipment 

You've decided to come to the track, now what? Before the riding begins, please read through the important information below so you come to the track ready to ride. Please contact us if you have any clarifying questions.


If you are planning a party or track rental, please send this page to your guests for them to review before your rental.  

Rider Requirements

ALL riders need to be able to comfortably ride a bicycle on their own without assistance. NO training wheels are allowed on the track. We do not teach riders how to ride a bike.


You will not be able to run next to your rider on the track to teach them how to ride a bike (exception for balance bikes during approved open track times). Please make sure your rider is comfortable riding completely on their own before coming to the track. 


We are a BICYCLE only facility! 

Riders need the following equipment (we do not have rental equipment): 

  • Their own bike they can comfortably ride on their own in good working condition (balance bikes like Strider okay, no electric balance bikes allowed). 

    • The bicycle must be in structurally sound condition with
      no broken weld or jagged exposures.

    • Grips are required on the handlebars and must cover/enclose the entire opening on the handlebar ends. 

    • All wheels, seats and bars must be securely tightened: THIS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RIDER AND/OR PARENT/GUARDIAN. 

    • All bicycles must have an operating braking system—
      hand and/or coaster (foot) brake

  • An approved bicycle helmet that fits securely and properly (no baseball, football, hockey, etc. helmets) 

  • Closed toed shoes: NO crocs, closed toed sandals or slippers. 

  • Comfortable riding clothing: Long pants and long sleeve shirt

What type of bike will work on the track? Almost any bike! Mountain bikes and BMX bikes are best. Beach cruisers and road-style bikes are not reccomended.


  • Electric bikes or motorcycles (including electric balance bikes, i.e. Stacycs) 

  • Freestyle type pegs 

  • All kickstands, chain guards, and reflector brackets 

  • Scooter, RC cars, skateboards, etc. 

All equipment is subject to the approval of the Sanction
and/or Track Operator. Any bicycles or equipment deemed to be unsafe or unfit for use on the track is at the discretion of the Track Operator. 


530 Convair St

Camarillo, California

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