Beginner Lesson

Welcome new riders! The beginner lesson is a great way to learn about the sport of BMX. Our beginner lesson is a complete introduction to the sport. This lesson is good for riders of all ages that are first timers on the BMX track or those that have been riding for less than 6 months and want to learn basic BMX skills.



We are currently offering beginner lessons every Saturday from 1-2:30pm and 3-4:30pm.
-1 hour of instruction followed by 30 minutes of free-ride. 

Click the button below to reserve your spot! ALL riders must register in advance using our online system. 

Check out Beginner Lesson FAQs below for more info! 


What is beginner lesson? 

  • Beginner lesson is a fun way for those new to the sport to learn the basics of BMX riding, racing, and safety. 

Who can participate in the beginner lessons? 

  • Any new rider of any age can participate in a beginner lesson if they can ride a bicycle without assistance (no training wheels). 

When do beginner lessons happen? 

  • We currently offer two beginner lesson sessions every Saturday. The first session is from 1-2:30pm, and the second session is from 3-4:30pm. 

Do I need to sign up my rider for a beginner lesson? 

  • Yes, all riders need to be registered in advance for each lesson. Riders may sign up for one session per Saturday. Please click on the "Book Now" button above to register your rider(s). 

Are strider / push bikes allowed in the beginner lesson? 

  • We are currently not accepting strider / push bikes in the beginner lesson. We recommend bringing strider / push bike riders for the free rider portion of the lesson (the last 30 minutes of each session - 2pm or 4pm). 

What do my riders need to participate in beginner lesson? 

  • A bike in good working condition that they are able to ride comfortably. No training wheels. No motorized or electric bikes allowed. Please check your riders' bikes BEFORE coming to the track. If you are unsure of required maintenance, we recommend you bring your bike to a bike shop near your home. 

  • Proper bicycle helmet that fits the rider well. 

  • Proper riding attire: closed-toed shoes, long sleeve shirt, and long pants.

  • Water

  • A fun attitude to learn something new! 

  • A USABMX membership. We offer one-day trial memberships. Please visit our memberships tab to download and bring with you to the track.