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BMX Competition Clinic

Hosted and taught by BMX Hall of Famer, Eric Rupe, this clinic is for BMX riders that are looking to advance their racing skills at the beginner level.


This clinic is best suited for riders that have been riding at the track for 6 or more months consistently and/or can perform the following on the track:

  • Ride the entire track by themselves, without any assistance (i.e. can make it up the bridge and out of the cork screw by pedaling)

  • Is comfortable with the starting gate and might be able to balance on their own

  • Perform basic BMX skills like pumping and turn maneuvering

  • Stand up while riding around the track

Skills worked on in the clinic:

  • Basic - intermediate racing skills 

  • Gate starts 

  • Passing in turns 

  • Increasing speed and agility 

  • Starting to jump & manual 


Cost: $20 per rider (CASH ONLY paid directly to Eric Rupe, cannot use Freedom Park BMX Frequent Flyer cards)  

Date/Times: Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30pm 


About Coach Eric Rupe 

  • Racing BMX since 1974 

  • 10 time BMX World Champion 

  • 21 time USA BMX Pro Champion 

  • Hall of Fame member in 4 different cycling Hall of Fames 

  • Current & Past Sponsors: Redline Bicycles, Schwinn, Mongoose, Profile, Haro, GT 

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